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It's getting warmer, warmer...I'd be happy if it stayed winter forever, myself.

I caught up with that POPPY SHAKESPEARE last night. It had been touted as this hard-hitting expose of the mental health services, or something, but I thought it was nonsense.
For one thing, I found it odd that these 'day hospital' people had all been given their own flats nearby. Did anything like that ever really happen? Then there was the stuff about queueing up openly to mix, match and add to your meds, all out in the open ward.
As for 'Mad Money'. I'd like to sign up for some of that! Most of the patients seemed in considerably better nick than I am. I guess it was supposed to be DLA benefits.Like I said, just silly. The actors were good, though.
Trying desperately to dig out some stuff that might be publishable in GIRLY. Wuh...

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