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I really should stop giving the Sunday Times my money...I know I can't give up all those magazines, though. It is definitely beoming more MAIL-like all the time. Today there was one of those 'science proves sex differences are nature' rants, stating that all men are 'naturally' fascinated by carburettors, while all women are biologically drawn to read Sylvia Plath . Uhhh... I skimmed it scornfully, and on the VERY NEXT PAGE the loathesome India Knight was fulminating about how what all women really want is an old-fashioned gentleman to carry their fucking bags and open doors for them! Oh puh-LEEZE! I mean, I can understand some weedman who feels 'threatened' by women, pontificating about how we should all just embrace our housefrauly destiny and stuff, but when women themselves spew this kind of reactionary kack, it really kinda gives me the creeps.
I won't even go into the full-page story about some life-long socialist who has seen the light since 9/11, and now knows that capitalism is The Way...What makes their big haids so hard?
I feel a hypochondria attack coming on about this latest 'obese women will all get kidney cancer' scare. Ohhh, I've got that pain again!
I can hear Bessie Smith singing on the TV-must check it out...

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