Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Stephen Beale in Gay Snog...

Well, I saw it coming way back when the creepily cackling Christian first arrived, and Stephen displayed a curiously old-fashioned homophobic attitude for a kid his age, Wotta giveawy.
Things in EASTENDERS are generally getting really bizarre at present. What is going on with psycho Sean and the wretched Gus? I mean the poor boy has always been lame, but he's allowed Sean to move into his flat although he didn't want him there, he doesn't pay rent,appears to be a stranger to personal hygiene, etc. etc. Since then, Sean has seduced Gus' surprisingly keen and dishy prospective girlfriend, busted up the place a bit,then evicted Gus from his own flat, and pretended he'd made spagbol out of Wellard the dog. (Gus believed this!) Only today, after about a month of these antics, did anyone even mention the possibility of contacting the police. As for the Minty/Heather 'wedding' lunacy, it seems to be coming to a head, thank God. It's been going on for about three years.

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