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Weird World...

Pope Ratzo and Dubya, what a terrifying combo... and gurning mentalists dancing in the street wrapped in Papal flags;that's summat you don't see every day.
I've been thinking about those freak-show documentaries I ALWAYS watch, (HALF MAN,HALF TREE, etc.) even though I'm well aware of their profound Wrongness. I can't help it, I have to have a gawk. In a more commonplace way, I suppose I'm a something of a sideshow, myself, so maybe that makes it only a venial sin for the likes me? Dunno, I guess there's no point beating myself up over it,anyway. I know I'll be watching whatever body horror is on display next week.
Today's literary earworm is one of my top ten- 'Is it not passing brave to be a king and ride in triumph through Persepolis?' Rock that Mighty Line.

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