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What's He On?

Half-watching the BBC2 Arts Review last night, I was astonished at just how violent Ekow Esun's constant head-bobbing has become. He also seems to be declaiming at a higher pitch than can possibly be comfortable, and spasming his lanky arms and legs so that Mel wotsis , sitting next to him, seemed to be anxiously recoiling. Can this be pure artyman affectation, or is he a drug fiend? Chortle.
Watched a really BAD self-parodying Ingmar Bergman TV film, AFTER THE REHEARSAL. It was entirely set on a semi-bare stage, involved an old director lusting Woody Allen style over a young artiste, her obsession with him, and the drop-in 'ghost' of her mother, a crumbling great beauty, who was reduced to alcoholism and moaning about how age makes you smell bad.(Sadly true-) I couldn't have grizzled better myself, although even I wouldn't drag it out so long.
Anyway.some people liked it very much, and I always enjoy seeing a master produce a real turkey; gives ya hope...

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