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Bone Idle...

I really need to get myself together.*Sigh*
Two things I heard from having the TV on this afternoon, as i tried and failed to do other stuff...
'The king of Judah exposing himself to the enemy!' (DAVID AND BATHSHEBA)
'How long ya been shagging me?' (One 40's tough guy to another, in a b&w flick on Film Four)

Today's guest icon; the lovely young clean-shaven Julian Barratt. Oh purr.

EASTENDERS keeps threatening us with the seemingly imminent congress of Mr Potato Head, Phil Mitchell (currently undergoing one of his personality changes, heading back towards gruff but good-hearted...) and the scary Shirley. (Even the BBC continuity man commented on the alarming mental picture conjured.)
It also looks like spooky lil' Ben is going to break Phil's heart by becoming an artiste of some sort. He has an unhealthy interest in musicals, and all; might even turn out gay!

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