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Strange Sunday...

It was quite weird, waking up to a really rather heavy, sticky snowstorm. All gone by lunchtime, of course, but I liked it.
I watched a dumbish DVD SHORTBUS, which concerned fit young people going to an orgy club, and generally getting it on,(actual fuckeefuckee action-) while having emotional torments, etc. It was made by the HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH guy.I guess you'd call it likeable, but I think this director has a lot more to give. He's still a kid, of course.

R Next Door is wearing a leather collar with tenpenny nails sticking out of it to stay indoors nd watch the TV tiger cubs this evening. She says there was a big fire near Brixton tube last night. I know nothing of this.
I await The Cry of the Banshee, my mother's weekly telephone 'chat', with a burbly squeamish stomach.

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