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I'd so love to see those greedy,grasping MPs get the treatment advocated for 'benefit thieves' on the hateful TV ads...'But...(sputters, looks shifty-) Just because my wife needs £4000 a year for taxis to the supermarket doesn't make us overpriveiged gits!' NO IFS,NO BUTS, suckahs...

It's also charming that MPs are given Dickins & Jones catalogues to furnish their constituency boltholes from, as well.
On those rare occasions when the destitute are rehoused, they're very lucky indeed to be granted a few domestic creaky crumblies from the Argos line. I certainly don't know anyone it's ever happened to.

This week I watched SUNSHINE which I found rather dull, apart from enjoying checking out all the references to famous SF films...BTW, didn't anyone notice that calling the ship 'Icarus' was tempting fate, a bit?
I much prefered THE FAREWELL, one of my cherished German arthouse fillums, about the declining days of Brecht. I want to live in his summer house. (Actually, it's now a busy museum, on a waterski-chocked lake. They had to film somewhere in Poland.)

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