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I don't think I've actually spoken to anyone in two days.  
Still brooding on the possibility of gastric banding. I'm sure it's a very Bad Thing, really, and  a capitulation to the fat-haters, and it probably wouldn't work...Still, the tought of being more mobile and less hurty, living longer, and all the other stuff ' they'  tell you about...IJust.Don't.Know.
I continue to have intense,colourful dreams, too complicated to actually grasp in  a waking state, about celebs. Last night, I had a marriage of convenience, for some reason with (ewwww-) Colin Farrell. We got along OK,though, and went to Germany for our 'honeymoon'. Got involved there, in some sort of theatrical 'happening', with Udo Samel. He and I got to chatting, while we both fussed over a very posh Bengal cat. Back in London, there was a flood, and transport was all snarled up, but I had to get to work on the switchboard, somehow...On and on it all went. I woke up tired... I'm not looking forward to the bloody clocks going forward this week.
This week I've  watched THIS IS ENGLAND, which was pretty gloomy, of course, but very good, and VACANCY, which was fairly ordinary, but well made, and the motel where all the killing was going on was fascinating. The creepy  room reminded me  of the Tamis in Pancevo, only much bigger and  better-appointed!
God, I feel crabby..

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