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Chilly Easter...

Crumbs, it's cold in here. Another hour before i can put the heat on.
Not much looking forward to this week. I'm due for a (oh bliss-) smear test, so I thought I'd use the visit to beg for some
relief, or at least explanation, for my constant pain and total exhaustion. 'Keep taking the useless antidepressants and lose weight ' (yeah-)  just doesn't help. Neither do the compression stockings. I need bloody bandaging again.  Whimper.
Wonder how the Thing and the Camden competition went yesterday? It certainly wasn't a very inviting venture-outy day.
I have had four dreams this week with Christopher Lee at various ages in the 'cast'. That's peculiar...
Yesterday's Times travel section was all about going on pilgrimages.

Evidently there's a  big bonanza package where you can go to Knock, Lourdes, Compostella, etc. led by priests...Crazed and corrupt Father Jack types, I like to think...) God, do I want to do that, with about twenty sketchbooks.

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