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Frightful Frinton...

I always imagined I would really like Frinton, with its famously  peaceful pace and old-fashioned atmosphere. Last night's WONDERLAND  documentary  made it look seriously frightening, though, with its town meetings peopled by barking,hideously gurning old gargoyles Bosch would have cast as Christ-abusers on the Via Dolorosa, or something.
There was also a burbling old queen who seemed desperate to confess some Terrible Secret he thought he had, but kept restraining himself unless it brought about his 'social death' , an ancient lady who apparently . goes to the railway crossing every day to wait for her nonexistent family, and another old dear who's been obsessively in love  for decades with an  smoothie who strings her along, possibly out of pity, while he frisks with tastier old trouts. 
The whole scene seemed utterly terrifying.  I'm sure it can't be that bad...

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