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TORCHWOOD spoilerette below:

 I really feel like cartooning today. Let's see if I actually will...
I've sent that strip off, anyway. It's crap, but I think I 'should' congratulate myself when I do anything at all. That's what the CBT therapists would no doubt say. so Go Me.
Why can Capt. Jack eat, sleep,drink, regenerate damaged bits, and shag, while Owen can't? If this was explained on TORCHWOOD, I must have missed it. I am rather annoyed that Owen is still around, anyway. I thiought they might leave him dead-dead, and frankly, as I find him quite irritating, I would have preferred that.
Saw a woman getting arrested right outside my building yesterday. She was hollering ang gesticulating with her cellphone. I didn't recognise her, and don't know what the problem was. Why is it suddenly so ruff 'round here?


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