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'Attack Ships On Fire Off The Shoulder Of Orion...'

...That's one of my non-musical earworms, and it's with me today.

I had dreams about being recruited to a brothel (-for people with very bizarre taste in women...) last night, and sharing a hubblebubble  with a friend in Soho. She encouraged me to take up the whoring for a while to get some money. It all seemed pretty safe,as you only had to fuck rather spindly, very polite old men.
Later, there was some sort of space invasion, with walls crumbling and lots of screaming.

I watched an overlong and rather dumb film, REVELATION, which was still kinda  interesting, as it had loads of star cameos, and some location stuff in Rennes-le-Chateau, etc.

Over the weekend I also had FALL ON THE ROMAN EMPIRE on the telly while I did other stuff, and stopped to look at the spectacle bits, etc. I dunno if it was my warped mind, but there was a scene where Commodus, not quite mad and bad yet, (Christopher Plummer, who was well fit-) and his youthful buddy Stephen Boyd, did that drinking game they do in epics. in  hilariously homoerotic style, complete with smoochy music, until they both collapsed, laughing and hugging. Rude, I tell ya. Their later fight to the death embrace was similarly handled. Sophia Loren had an Amy Winehouse-style beehive and cried a lot.


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