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Le Sigh...

Mondays I always have the long Sunday night 'conversation' with the Aged Parent hovering clammily over me. The current crisis is her refusal to put her crumbling house on the market, despite the fact she'll never be able to live there again. Any mention of it brings forth a torrent of  hair-singeing abuse. I only wish I could somehow do something to assist my poor, poor 'carer' sister. She has power of attorney, but that doesn't entitle her to put the house on the market. It's in such terrible condition that it's almost certain to burn down, or just sink into the Long Island miasma like the House of Usher before very much longer...
R Next Door heard that there may have been a murder or something in the next tower. The po-lice are studying all the CCTV footage, etc. Jeez, this area is goin' to Hades for sure.
Still thinking of Steve Whitaker, who could draw the most fascinating hair tendrils ever beheld...Alack.
Wasted two hours of my life watching COLLATERAL last night; another one of those  smash hit films that are just out and out  retarded . Imagine paying £10 to see such shit. Of course, I didn't have to watch the whole thing, either. Should have given up when the first dead body just happened to land on the cab, etc., and the cops who were just about to find it in the boot were suddenly called away to some emergency...Snort.
Still fantasising about pilgrimages. Anyone wanna go to Lourdes with me (and pick up the tab?)

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