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I am in a particularly weirdass frame of mind these days. I feel so feckin' pointless.
Are there people who actually take Valentine's Day seriously? I always found it a bit yuck. (This said, I would get a bit miffed if the Mr Wrong of the time didn't give me a card, just to be polite... I never did care for all the roses (sneeze-), champagne,  and candlelit pink frilliness, though.) It's all so vacuous, insincere and commercial. Ptui.
I had an unpleasant dream that my mother had moved in, and I couldn't clump around the flat  normally because she was asleep in the next room. When I woke up, I thought  Oh no, I  can't go and get washed because she's here, then I realised  she wasn't, really. Whew!

Oh, BTW, smouldery Sawyer's nickname for me would be 'Brainpan', not  'Poppin' Fresh'

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