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Fighting Agoraphobic Tendencies...

 I did manage to get to the NPG, despite the strong urge to just hide indoors all day. It was difficult, the pain is such a drag, hobbling down stairs leaning heavily on the bannisters, etc. pathetic. The Phoographic prize show was reasonably interesting, though, despite having to pay £1.00 to get in, now. That's a fair enough price. There were even a few photos of fat people. 

I've been rather enjoying CITY OF VICE, despite its slight whiff of 'history lesson'. (And Iain Glen is quite fanciable...)

My absurdly costly, and long-coveted CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED 'cultural history'  arrived today, thanks to the generous gift of Selina and Jay. It's grand. Chortle!

This harassed-looking suit got on the bus, flipped open his cute little Mac notebook, and commenced to tap away industriously  for one stop, then bustled off, holding it open with his finger, for more in-transit  toil. No way to live, although I suppose New Labour would consider him a fine example to us idle underclassers who find more virtue in standing and staring...

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