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Where is Autumn?

If this keeps up it's gonna be another bloody year without a winter. Hell. Saw a fascinating show on BBC4 the other night, wish I'd taped it, especially as I only saw a bit of it... Various artistes singing Kurt Weill...included a pretty staggering LOST IN THE STARS by Elvis Costello & the Brodsky Quartet: William Burroughs (it must be a few years old, then-) reciting something I didn't know. (That man was certainly part dinosaur...) Teresa Stratas knocking hell out of a really good song about how love and happiness are just an illusion, (well, I would relate to that, wouldn't I? God, I'm so fuckin' bitter...)and a frightening MACK THE KNIFE from Nick Cave. Another good number was AGGIE'S SEWING MACHINE, also new to me.
Renate from next door is trying to get me to take in two cats belonging to a friend whose lover is allergic to them (Hey, I'M allergic to cats, fer fuck's sake, just can't live without 'em-) Anyway. They've always been together, and would probably bully Wotan, not to mention 3 cats in a dinky flat is too much, and I can't afford it, so there. Silly woman should get rid of the lover, who is obviously no good. As Renate herself agrees, I've been let down by every man I've ever been involved with, but never by an animal.

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