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Arse Musica...(TMI)

Had  some really tasty vegetarian haggis with parsnips and onion gravy last night. Deelish, but not a good choice for a romantic meal!  I'm still re-living it today. That's one good thing about living alone, you can fearlessly just  blow off  volcanically  and enjoy it. 
I finally got the flat back into semi-respectable state, hoovered properly,but it always looks a cluttered mess.
Nice cold-ish day, but I don't see any sign of this wild blizzard, etc. they've been predicting. Yesterday's wind was pretty entertaining though, if you didn't have to spend too much time out in it.
I'm reading about Balzac's life. I've always liked the bit in QUATRE CENT COUPS when the boy, impressed by reading a gruesome death scene, makes a shrine to Balzac in his room, knocks over a candle, starting a fire, and gets whacked round the earhole. That's me as a kid, that is...

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