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Constant Exhaustion...

Oh all  right, I'm not even gonna talk (much-) about it. I simply cannot get enough sleep.  I wish I could just be put on a drip and  sleep for a month or two, uninterrupted. At least that way, I wouldn't have to eat at all, and maybe then I'd lose some weight, at least.
I saw an absolutely ridiculous film about Klimt, with John Malkovitch Looking (as usual-) to be in some sort of trance. The director didn't really speak English, but I gather it was supposed to be the artist's hallucinatory visions of his life, as he died of syphilis.
 It was a real waste of opportunity, as it looked quite attractive, and might have been a really interesting biopic.
The guy playing Egon Schiele, complete with electrocuted hair, crazed staring eyes, and long fingers constantly atwist was hilarious, anyway.*

* Actually, it was Nikola Kinski, son of you-know-who, from whom he undoubtedly inherits his looking-loco skills.

I got some drawing done, so thank the gods for that, even if it is rubbish.

That documentary on TV last night about people having 'relationships' in Second Life was interesting. It looks rather boring, though. I tried it once, but found it all too fiddly and difficult, and I didn't like the dumb names you have to choose from, or the anodyne avatars. I think you can probably make more interesting ones if you pay...Who would want to go cyber-clubbing,and all? I wouldn't want to do that in RL. Where are the opera houses, galleries and hippydippy cafes? Guess you have to pay ...Anyway, one couple are all loved up and having a baby, now, but the main story was about this woman married to a shlub (who adored her, of course-) falling for a beefcake tattoo and piercing- loaded guy with weapons shooting out of his arms. Sometimes she was on the PC  for fourteen hours a day, ignoring everything else, including the shlub and their kids. Finally, she took a trip to London from her dreary US suburb, and it was all a bit embarrassing, so she resigned herself to her self-proclaimed 'Forrest Gump' at home. Oh the humanity...

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