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'Zho Horrible...!'

Yes, I couldn't stand it, and had my hair cut. I asked him to leave it a bit longer on top, but he just whacked it all off as per usual, as the poster of Haille Selassie glowered down disapprovingly. Fuck it, it feels lovely and free...I do kind of feel like I should put on an Elephant Man burlap veil or something, though..
I thought I was going to be stuck in the bathtub tonight. My knees are so bad. My back's no better, either. *Sigh*
I'm aghast at these 'apprenticeship' things, and the 'equivalent' of certifications being given out by McDonald's...not to mention the big cheese coming from the USA to help this government set up the new 'workfare' system. Why don't  they just bring back the fucking workhouses and be done with it? It's sooo Wrong.


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