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Just discovered today that the poetic Celtic Spirituality guy John O'Donohue has died, far too early. Utterly wrong....

My back is really giving me gyp, and the damn stockings are no fun. Bah...I should be ashamed of myself, as I resolved to complain less this year, and seeing that BOY CALLED ALEX documentary last night made me meditate on what a big cissy I am. What an amazing kid...Well, we can't all be heroic.

In other tellygawking,  I was utterly poleaxed by the horror of SUPERSKINNY VS SUPERSIZE a reprehensible freak show with no redeeming features whatever. Even the hideous Gillian McKeith was in it, marching around a shopping centre with a placard, shrieking 'Ban big bums!' She then took charge of a roomful of women who had to denigrate themselves in various ways, including waggling their naked arses before the McKeith to show how 'bad' they were. It was like something you'd see on Walpurgus night.
I was, of course, transfixed, but I am never, ever going to watch that again, promise..
Another weird one was a  documentary about solitary Bodmin Moor dwellers. I didn't realise just how desolate it was, there. It concentrated mostly on a 'retired civil servant' (I've noticed that a lot of major weirdos are retired civil servants-) whose main occupation  seems to be collecting and eating roadkill. His favourite meal is  badger, but he also had a barn owl in the freezer, and has eaten cat and dog! This man actually has a wife, we're told, a vegetarian, who never appeared. (She's probably on a rocking chair in the basement...)


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