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Neat Stuff...

More birthday bounty today, another book token, and from [info]cleanskies  , a packet of exotic delights! Whee!
I'm having anguish trying to cope with my feckin' compression stockings.Bloody hell!
Finished gawping at season two of THE WIRE. Poor Frank Sobotka, a great tragic character. I really felt for him, and his unlucky  nephew Nick.  Poor Kima, too, shot to pieces last season, now railroaded into gay parenthood by her tedious partner. I have a soft spot for Bubbles the stoolie, and all, but I'm sure he's doomed to die 'orrible.There are any number of characters you can really get into. I concede, it's a great series. (Not as good as THE SOPRANOS, but maybe nearly  the equal of DEADWOOD.)


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