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'Another Dreary Day...'

...That's one of my mother's sayings, damn it, but it was a rather dreary day.I have a stinking cold, for starters.
I went to Sainsburys' for a bit of variety. R Next Door had no money for groceries, so I didn't have to get her usual stuff. I worry about her, but then I've really got less money than she does, so there's not a lot I can do, as a rule.
Anyway, I had a good drool at all their sale-priced digirecorder boxes and stuff.
I also bought a half-price 'Taste the Difference' Passion Cake, which was very wrong of me, but it be tasty.
I watched some more of THE WIRE, season two. I thought season one was good, but not all that fantastic, but I'm well hooked, now.
I had another dream about Brydges Place, the alley by the Coliseum, where there's a drinking club frequented by famous people...In dreams there are a lot of ground floor flats there, too. This time, I saw that a fancy gourmet bakery stall had been set up, selling Mardi Gras King Cakes, flown over daily from New Orleans. Now I have never tasted or seen one in RL, and was curious. The chef running the outlet said they cost £40, though.

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