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God, I get pissed off by these politicians plotting to grind the poor and fucked-up further into the ground with their 'helpful' schemes to deprive people of their meagre benefits. It's been proven time and time again that there are very few 'undeserving' IB claimants, and as for the odd slacker playing the Jobseekers system, it would cost much more to 'encourage' these people into scrubbing graffitti off walls, etc. (in overalls stamped 'Poor','Feckless', whatever, to distinguish them from actual criminals, somebody japed on the GUARDIAN blog-),not to mention the considerable increase in 'vulnerable' people sleeping rough and begging that would probably ensue. Of course these things with any luck won't happen, but...
I consider myself safe-ish, now that I'm an OAP, but they could still try to claw back my weeny 'Living Allowance', I guess... &%$*~# bastards. Wotta world, etc.
Why does everything suck?
I'm mummy-wrapped for another fortnight,which I hadn't expected, and this is contributing to my grumpification. I was also presented with my hideous and hard-to-put-on surgical knee-highs, by the nice chuckly bloke. He never mentions weight,either, and says it's probably hereditary. (Which it does seem to be, in my family, on both sides.)

PS: I almost forgot to rant about the woman whose visa has run out while she's being treated for terminal cancer so they want to ship her back to the 'developing world' to croak faster and cheaper. Grrrrr.

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