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A Cute Man!

I was standing in the queue at LIDL and noticed the basket sticking out behind me contained only several packs of their super-cheap smoked salmon and some sausages. I had a load of stuff, including two 'gemstone' amulets, a 'pomello' and a spare watercolour set, so turned round to ask the guy if he wanted to go first. He was Polish, about my age, nice and chunky and kinda cute. He also had a carrier bag from a rather obscure academic bookshop, and was very friendly. (Didn't ask me for a date, though-just chatted about the fine value of LIDL stuff.) Giggle.
Really must mention the intense vomitrociousness of THE CELESTINE PROPHECY I thought it might be mildly diverting as I remembered the book being a huge bestseller which I'd never read. Well, it makes THE DA VINCI CODE look like a profoundly moving masterpiece. Just the hideous 'spiritual' background music that plays throughout, and is designed to help people absorb the astoundingly banal 'secrets of the scrolls', is enough to puree your brain. Jeez Louise!
Also watched Mr Spacey holding forth on THE SOUTH BANK show. I think Melvyn Bragg may be dead, and they just trundle him along, like El Cid. His expression never seems to change from that crinkle-eyed toothy grin, these days.
Kevin Spacey does have really peculiar thumbs, doesn't he? I like him, though.

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