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Crumbs, It's Cold...

It's only pleasantly parky outside, but in the flat, it's feckin' freezing. (I try only to have the heat on first thing in the morning and after 6 p m, and then only if I really need it, but I almost really needed it yesterday and today.
News Flash...The new Celeb BIG BROTHER thing was just so very dire that I only watched half of the first night. I mean, it was unbearable, even to me. ..there's crap and crap. This was i just  intolerable, and Matt Lucas is no longer 'the funny one', at least on this occasion.
Dream maven Sasa reports that he's been having nightmares since New Year's, and he'd not had any for years. Uh-oh. Maybe all those UFOs  are massing for an attack. Actually, I haven't been able to remember very much of my dreams the last week or so, except that there was a celebrity sex event with  Julian Barratt, which was very nice indeed. Snerkle. There was also something about making porridge, which had insects in it. Not very nice, but not in the nightmare league.

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