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Almost Wintry...

It started out another murky, mild day, but became pleasantly fresh and bright for a while. I took a ride on the 452, and went to the Book & Comic Exchange for a browse, intending to buy nothing, but you always do...I enjoy eavesdropping on the surly, arty types who work there, too.
The Kenya situation is grim enough, but I can't help snerkling when I hear the newsreaders talking about 'whacky baccy'  (Mwai Kibaki) Best political name since Canaan Banana.
Watched a twee AMELIE-style French romcom, ORCHESTRA SEATS, which should have been infuriating; complete with insufferably prety-tperky heroine who brings joy to all, and encounters absurd good fortune at every turn. To my own disgust, I quite enjoyed it.

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