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Okay, 2008...

Comin' atcha like a bristly balloon,
Comin' atcha like a mental melonball,
Like a juju juggernaut,
Like a chubbty charabanc.
Gonna fightcha, bitecha, smitecha, like a steeltyipped squid,
So don't mess with me!

I am determined  that this year will somehow not be as  bleakly horrible as 2007. Whatever  woes befall. I resolve to triumph , spiritually, at least. So there.

Anyone who's interersted in what looks like a very intriguing three-hour study of Ralph Vaughn Williams, it's on at bloody nine in the morning on Channel Five, so set your apparatus.

And, even for those who have actually  had a good year, may the new one be lots better.


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