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All my Scrabble games are now re-activated in  my opponents' post- Christmas boredom, but I can't get the board to appear, so I can play my turn. Waaah!
Had a 'festive' email from the long-suffering sibling, who has been having a particularly bad  time with the mad mum, who really should be in a home, but there's no money. My sister's second operation to correct her RSI'd wrist also seems to have gone wrong. Her sugeon won't see her until the 10th of January; told her if it was that bad, to go to ER. Her insurance wouldn't cover that, so she throbs and burns for nearly another fortnight. America, America. Whenever I get pissed off with the horrors of the NHS, I just have to think of 'home.'
R Next Door has a magnificent new pair of wellies, with skulls and roses on them. Knockout!
They'd sold out of Sunday Timeses for the second week in a row, by 9 am! Fap...


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