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Blue Christmas...

This most horribilis annus I can recall is clanging dismally to a close. To-morrow I'll really have to try to get into the dental hospital. I can just imagine what  <i>that</i> atmosphere will be like...
I have been subsiding mainly on porridge and rather stale bread. How's that for Scroogey?  There have been a few diverting things on the box. I quite enjoyed the DR WHO Titanic extravaganza. Thought Kylie was looking a bit old and haggard, though...or was I just projecting?
Today I watched CARMEN - a spiffing Don Jose from young Jonas Kaufmann.
The other day, I watched that Joe Strummer biog, THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN on DVD. What a fascinating character. It was quite uplifting in a way. He shouldn't be dead, of course.


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