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It turned out, of course, that the root was still infected, so she bloody well yanked it. I had to have an extra shot of numb-juice, but it still hurt. A lengthy procedure was involved, natch, the whole pressing down HARD-on-the jaw,  with-one knee on your chest -job. It hurt like blazes, so I really wouldn't have liked to experience it without anaesthetic. Hell! I didn't scream like a girl, but probably only because I was paralysed with terror.
She also replaced the white filling that had,indeed, fallen out, and did a quick clean, so I pray fervently that I won't have to go back for six months, now. 
She proudly asked me if I wanted to see the bloody stump...I really really shouldn't have looked...
I had no strength left for anything, after a quick hobble round Sainsbury's, so I watched GRUDGE 2 which I taped last night. As usual with Japanese horrors, I have very little idea of WTF was supposed to be going on, and fast-forwarded quite a bit. Those long-haired scuttling spectres creep me out, though.


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