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Sittin' In St Thomas'...

I was there at 3:30, and didn't get out until 6:00. The full-blast heat and the headache-inducing flourescent lights don't help. There was also a drunk and/or retarded guy who kept shouting out and shuffling around. 
I have to go back next week. I'd hoped this would be the last wrapping session. OY!
In desperation while waiting and waiting, I read the EVENING STANDARD, which actually had a couple of interesting items.
1) That cute Alan Davies of QI, bit a homeless man's ear in a drunken frenzy. Evidently he was very emotional after Verity Lambert's funeral, and the guy was hassling him. Who'da thunk it?
2)  Will Self's car was totalled last Thursday morning by a truck pulling out of the McDonald's downstairs, about three minutes' walk from my place. I never saw or heard anything, alas


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