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Maudlin Melancholia

Gave in and watched that film about 9/11 by the French brothers who were shooting an everyday documentary and got caught up in the whole thing. It did make me cry. I get very sentimental about rough & tough, softcentred New York Irish boys; some of the Italians were cute, too. The sort of guys I used to know at school.Sniff...I fled, and watched the thing about the brilliant career of Liz Hurley! I bet that got huge ratings, due to all the ecapees from grimmer fare.
More morbid curiosity...I saw a photo where some poor soul appeared to be diving from the window waving a long scarf, with legs held tightly together! Is that possible? I wonder if you stay conscious all the way down? I know somebody jumped from the 20th floor here, (This estate is quite 'popular' for suicides-) and was evidently babbling and gibbering on the ground, although totally mashed up ; only lived a few minutes...but that's scary enough! Ewww. No more of this-

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