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Ohh, Argh, Yuck!

I cannot believe that my gold crown just fell out while I was eating a tuna sarnie...I can't BEAR it!  Creepy dentist  will see me Friday morning...It looks disgusting, too; all black underneath.
I had to send some faxes at the shop over the road, and it's £1.50 a pop to the USA. I can't afford this. I'm not even 'hired' yet. I probably should cut my losses on this gig.
My bandages are falling right down already. I think the nurse was knackered by the time she got to me. They're never gonna last until Tuesday after next.
I want to draw, but feel too weak to lift a bloody pen. I will, though, I will...

Cheap art materials at LIDL starting Monday!  Hup!


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