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Where Is Everyone?

 Tumbleweeds are blowing through LJ-Land. Hardly anyone on my friendslist is posting at the moment.

I'm all bloody mummywrapped again, after the latest three-hour stint at the hospital. What a drag, and they're already slipping down. I don't even really need them, but the doctor said another fortnight might be helpful. It seems I don't have any deep vein trouble, thank the gods, but I still have to have some other test, (a 'duplex?)', which thankfully does not involve needles in the feet- Then I have to get measured for my very own bespoke elastic stockings. Sob...
I need more Scrabble on Facebook. Play with me...
I've been feeling more creative since the MCR, but too tired to do anything about it.  Tried to watch DEAD RINGERS yet again,last night. I must have seen the beginning and end of that film at least three times, but always conk out. Maybe that means it's just dull, even though it's very weird.

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