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Dozy and Dazed....

I didn't venture out of the pit until bloody nine, this morning! Fuckin' disgraceful. I also actually fell asleep while worshipping the goddess Annie Lennox on TV. Mea culpa.
The MCR was fine, many congenial acquaintances, and the traditional feeding frenzy encouraged and provided by the frighteningly capable badass.
It was marred only by my constant discomfort, having to practically pick up each leg to get up the steep stairs, etc., the incredible nose-tip freezing, sleep-banishing cold on the first night, and a bit of sad, if not unexpected doggy news for Andy
Andy, BTW, has produced a really moving and excellent comic about his late Nan, which everyone should read. I was all the more impressed as it was a "24-hour" job.
.I also felt guilty about not helping out in the kitchen, etc,or putting on my leopard print caftan for dinner, but hey, I am frelled at present...
A combination handmade and computer-comic, soon to be online, was somehow produced.
Once again, thanks to the indefatigable Badass for her hospitality skills and generosity, and to Jinty for making my attendance possible by hauling me to and from Oxford. Sterling!
I just wish I had been in a livelier state, but then I'm never very lively. Whaddya gonna do?
Once again, there were piles of leftovers, and I baggsed a chocolate bar and some home made fudge for the sweet-toothed but destitute R Next Door, who had a nervous breakdown the other day, when one of her 'walkies' clients went tonto and killed a squirrel on the common. She was still a wee bit wan last night, so it was nice to see her light up at the prospect of a sugar rush.
Oh yeah do any MCR-ers remember what that  "Tom Waits on Sesame Street" song was? It's bothering me...

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