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Good Morning...

Which Izzard Are You?

Slut Izzard: You'll crawl into any duvet any time of the day. You get to shag everyone, and wear all their clothes. You're concerned with appearances, whether anyone will shag you, or whether you'll shag anyone else. Rejoice!! For you are a fashion queen.

Chortle: got this link from the 'Thin White Duke' LJ...I remember Ediie Izzard when he used to hang around Covent Garden, too. I like him, but think he has rather scary eyes. Anyhow, re: getting to shag everyone; I wish ,re: being a fashion queen: Guffaw!
I dreamt Billy Connolly attacked someone on a tube train, and I was helping him escape. Later we were looking at a bead curtain, and saw a smoky ghost-figure forming. I asked him if he saw it,he said yes, so I figured it must be real.
I can't help myself. I have decided I really do rather like Tara Palmer Tompkinson, and she is welcome to treat me to dinner at the Ivy any old time. (I used to have a rich friend who was always promising to take me there, but he lied; then inconsiderately died.)I have always wanted to sit in a corner there and goggle at naff celebs, with my sketchbook at hand.

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