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Another Excessiviely Bright Morning...

Yaaargh, it burns! I really don't like strong sunlight; must be vampire genes or something. Very sunny weather depresses me.
Glad to report that THE MIGHTY BOOSH are back, and on the basis of last night's episode, haven't yet jumped the shark. I was a bit concerned about all the hype they've been getting recently. I like to keep my obsessions culty. Julian Barratt is still hot stuff, too, despite the 'orrible moustache and greasy locks.
Looked in briefly on IACGMOOH. None of them are known to me, apart from Christopher Biggins and Lynne Franks. There is some woman called Janice, who appears to be an apprentice Bride of Wildenstein, and is colossally unnerving and hateful, so much so that it has to be a performance.She's really alarming to look at, too.

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