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GOD, I'm Tired...

I was in the clinic at St. Thomas' from one o'clock until bloody four-thirty, waiting, waiting... mislaid paperwork, etc. Have to go back Monday for the Venogramme, which sounds fairly horrific. They gave me different dressings, which hopefully will itch less,and the skin does look a lot better, at least.
The bus home was overcrowded with lots of pushing, shouting, swearing yoofs, mowing down us oldies who had just crawled out of the hospital. What a demoralising experience that waiting room was. It was so crowded, with so many very old, very ill-looking people slumped patiently in their wheelchairs. I felt sorry for the poor overworked nurses, too, dressing leg after hideous swollen oozing leg for hours on end. Oy!
Still haven't turned the heat on. It's feeling pretty chilly in here, though.

Rather liked the TV play, last night, CAPTURING MARY. It was certainly a lot better than the rest of the trilogy. David Walliams is so very creepy-looking  that he was quite effective. The ending was a bit of a fizzle-out, though. I often find Poliakoff's plays pretty wanky, but they always look so gorgeous that I generally find myself entranced in spite of myself.

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