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Sweet Jeezus Christ...

Spent  the morning at the hospital, and emerged with my legs all mummy-wrapped, and very uncomfortable indeed. I have to go back Tuesday. Once the inflammation has cleared up enough, I have to get all sorts of vein examinations and stuff. I was 'exhibited' to the consultant, who kept blowing his nose in a big blue and white bandana. He suggested that when my legs have improved, i should get a referral for gastric 
banding (!)
Needless to say, my mood is not good....
I've already written this entry more coherently, but lost it, and can't be bothered to go into the gruesome details again.
Thank the gods the DVD DREAMGIRS  arrived, which fluffed up my poor old Elephant Man brain, a bit.
Saw an extremely odd indie flick last night, LIVES OF THE SAINTS. What  were they on?  I wouldn't say it was a good film, exactly, but mental enough to merit a look.

There's also a lot of hassle going on about this possible-illustration gig, which involves lots of phone calls and faffing. My brain's exploding and I''m not even officially on board. In fact, I don't think I'm capable of doing what they want. I can't understand them at all, but I don't like to be impolite...Plus, if I actually could get paid, that would be splendid...BUT...

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