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I was actually winning  four SCRABULOUS games, and my opponent crapped out and vanished. Wahhhh!
I'm still ridiculously depressed.. Nothing new, there, of course, but this gloomy weather usually stimulates me to do arty stuff. Now, it  all just seems pointless. Gkkk...
Saw a really frightening thing on TV the other night, (It's being repeated over the weekend-) THE BECKONING SILENCE , narrated by the guy who survived TOUCHING THE VOID,  all about a tragic attempt on the North face of the Eiger. It was horrific, all the more so for the fact that they didn't have much in the line of high-tec equipment in those days, just lil' felt gnome hats and stuff. I think I read once about early attempts on Everest in tweed suits and stout brogues...Climbing people are all completely insane, to me. I cannot conceive of anything less alluring than climbing a mountain, yet it seems to have this mystical appeal. Must say, it's entralling to watch from a cosy vantage point.


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