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Low-Down Blues...

Sigh..It's a sad world. I dunno. I just can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for anything but sleep.
Got some sketches done for the possible-but-unlikely illustrating gig, anyway. 
Felt too afraid to go out into the world, in case any homeboys felt like shooting me, or telling me what a walking timebomb of obesity I am. Felt too frail.
I think I've become incapable of anything like a normal conversation, as well. All I can discuss are my ailments, grievances and lack of inspiration.

I did have a very complicated end-of-the-world dream. An obnoxious little man in a trench coat kept following me. I  think he wanted money. People were stuck without transport, and there was a voodoo shop selling cock and balls charms made out of coconuts, which were supposed to keep you safe through the whole gotterdammerung trip.All that's just the beginning...

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