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Extreme Weirdness...

I picked up a book in the charity shop the other day, that came out years ago, but I'd never got round to reading; Shelley Bovey's  WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? Now, I vaguely recalled answering a questionnaire for it, but had no idea I was actually mentioned in the  finished book.
 I met Shelley B years ago, and liked her, and I've always been grateful to her for giving me a chance to do cartoons for  her BEING FAT IS NOT A SIN  (for which I got paid!)  Anyway, I suddenly came upon a long chunk of my own grizzlings about the  way fat people are perceived, preceded by some very flattering comments...
'One of the most talented women I know...whose work has power and wit and pathos...She is feisty, intelligent, funny and quick'. Then it finishes off by saying ''her lack of self-confidence led her into a mind-numbing job as a switchboard operator and a life only half-lived'.
Now, I can' t dispute that, really,  but it was ever so creepy seeing it baldly set down like that, when I wasn't expecting to see anything about myself at all. Ohhhyah!
As for the book, I haven't read enough to make any comments yet. I know Charlotte didn't hold with it. She and several other  people I know are mentioned too. Eh, whaddya gonna do?

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