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Stranded In The Jungle

Oh my God, Tara P-T has gone off Darren Day (they were at the 'gonna do it' stage), 'cos he farted. They had a huge row about it. ..She's 'repulsed.' BwahhhHaHa... First good laugh I've had in about 2 weeks , bless those lil' Z-list celebs!
(For those who are culturally deprived, I'M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE! is a truly crass 'reality' TV show, on ITV UK, a sort of BIG BROTHER/SURVIVOR cross featuring 'celebs' such as Tony Blackburn, Uri Geller, a mute supermodel,etc. getting all rumpled, and having to touch snakes and stuff in the Outback.)
Dear Baby Jesus, now Uri Geller is whispering hoarsely about how his mind is always tormented by 'lust and passion!' Oh Uri, just don't go there,nooo...

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