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Awaiting the weekly 'Cry of the Banshee' , which always puts me in a bad mood.Should be even worse this week, as she's fallen out with my sister. It would help a lot if my mother would get email, but she refuses. - "I'm not clever, like you, I could never manage it..." Soooo obnoxious...
Those funny Pot Noodle ads really have been banned by Advertising Standards! Can ya believe it?
I seem to have another cold or something; all bunged up yet again. I really need to go to that allergy clinic, but God knows how long I'll have to wait. Mumble...
Have to admit I'm watching, and guiltily rather enjoying,that Celebrity Survivor thing. Yuri Geller is mesmerisingly slimy and creepy. Must admit, though, that he showed pluck eating those bugs, especially the witchety-grub thing. I couldn't have done that. I find myself rooting for Rhona Cameron, who is due to be voted out tomorrow,and getting that absurdly protective feeling about the witless Tara Parker-Tomkinson (see also: Helen, Jade...), may the gods forgive me...Must do a Google and find out just WHO this Darren Day person is. Death's too good for him.

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