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My new online Scrabble addiction can be very frustrating. I may not be a great player, but I'm sure my stats are incorrect. I *have* won more than -er- one game.Also,I just don't think it's possible to draw four 'i's, then every time you use one up,get dealt yet another bloody 'i'...And furthermore, why does the word 'yeti' crop up in virtually every game? There are always loads of annoying error messages, too. Still, I am hooked,as I was in childhood. (In those days, though, I always won.)
My body continues to fall apart at a truly alarming rate.It's just too dreary and scary, which is why I'm not posting much at present. When you're this frelled, every day seems the same,dunnit? Christ,I could really do with that ortho recliner, should the god of soft furnishings be reading this. (Green leather-look, please.)

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