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Bad Thoughts On The McCann Case.

Oh, argh! My back, my KNEES! Wah!
In other news: because I have this evil mind, I have considered the McCann parents quite dodgy from day one. One thing that always made me wonder was how the younger siblings slept through whatever happened in the flat, unless they were drugged.
I also found that constant carrying 'Cuddlecat' around by eerily composed mum Kate rather creepy.There's just something blank and spooky about both parents.
I may, of course, be wrong. It's a weird case.
I also wonder how many poor/uncute/non-white kids would still be constant front-page news four months arter disappearing...
I'm reading Hilary Mantel's BEYOND BLACK which is so very clever and engrossing that I'm making an effort not to gulp it down all at once. I've seldom consciously tried to 'drag out' the enjoyment of a book like that, since I was a kid.
Just lost another Scrabulous game (by about 100 points) to evil mastermind Badass. Fap.

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