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Humidity Hell...

Bah, I guess we're going to have 'Indian Summer' now. Feck. Stuff left on the line stays wet, and so do I.
I wish something really, really interesting, but not entirely horrible would happen. Meh.
I saw Pavarotti in an AIDA dress rehearsal once, at the ROH. I guess that was in the late 80's and he was still in fine voice.. He certainly was the worst actor in the world, though.I seem to recall at one moment of frenzied emotion, he strolled out of the frame and clutched the proscenium arch in anguish. He also had a tendency to flash his ingratiating grin while supposedly dying or suffering some terrible blow of fate.
He seems to have had a very full life, despite a rather early curtain. I didn't realise just how active he was when it came to dancing girls...My late friend JC would have approved. he was always partial to them himself.(Stoopid mens.)
As in the case of Mr. Melly's caftans, I hope Pav's intensely patterned lounging shirts find a worthy inheritor.

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