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Ziggy's Tit...

What does BB Ziggy have tattooed on his chest? I can't make it out.
Bad Sight of the Week: Jonty thrusting his nads under the drier.
Eviction: Tracey! Noooooh! Although it doesn't seem there's much more to her than catchphrases after all, I still think she should have been allowed to be there for the last week, rather than (ew-) Jonty.
After the darkest, dankest week evah, it is now bloody hot, but that's nice for people doing Bank Holiday things. When Notting Hill Carnival rolls around, I always think of my grotty drunken colleague, M, who is probably dead now. We lost touch a year or so after he left (ie: finally got sacked from-) the theatre. Egregious as he was, I came to like him a lot...Anyway, he lived on the Carnival route, and used to swear a very politically incorrect blue streak about it every year. ('My dear, the noise, and the people-')

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