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Have just received a 'free upgrade' of my AOL service, which means I had to spend half an hour going through telephone options, then chatting with some Indian guy I couldn't understand (surely it's not being racist... I just can't decipher some of these thick accents at speed, any more than I can cope with intense Glaswegian...)
It all ended up with my being told that I need to dig out the AOL CD, unistall and start again. Fortunately, before I had braced myself to try this, everything started functioning on its own. Unh.
Got my last copy of NUDE magazine. I'd like to re-subscribe, but it's a bit of a luxury...We'll see. It's a good-looking entertaining publication, anyhow.
Yah! Forgot to tape HEROES last night. Must remember to watch tonight.
Poor BB Gerry is falling out with everybody. I still like him best. They're all fighting, I suppose because they're hungry. I guess Johnty and/or Kara-Louise will be out Friday. (Latest evil twist; the housemates who achieved 'guru' status must decide which of the housemates who get the most votes to evict...)I hope they (Ziggy, Tracey and The Twins) don't ditch Gerry instead. Ah, the suspense!

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